Summer Sermons 2008.... 

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Date Title Speaker Audio

06/29/2008 "Strong Treasures Weak Containers"  Pastor Joseph Atkins, Jr. Download

07/06/2008 "We Had Hoped"  Linda Jones Download

07/13/2008 "Walk By The Spirit" Pastor Terence Gadsden Download

07/27/2008 "It's OK to be F.A.T." Pastor Darryl Saffore Download

Our Garden Celebration Sunday:  "Dead and Alive - You Choose"

08/03/2008 "It's ok to DIE!" LaVaughn St. Hillaire Download
08/03/2008 "The Selfless Life" Tristan Frazier Download

08/10/2008 "What's in your Bag?" Pastor Linda Johnson Download

08/17/2008 "Family Reunion 0001, A.D." Thomas Worthy Download

08/24/2008 "Give It!" Darrin Brown, Sr. Download

08/31/2008 "What's Your Mission?" Pastor Stanley Ratliff Download





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