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--- The Biblical Teaching ---


We invite you to listen to our various sermon series!

*Additional Biblical Teachings Can Be Found At The Top & Bottom of this Page.


Dates Series Speaker

 Additional Biblical Teachings

03/17/2019 The Entanglement of Sin Various
03/10/2019 LCCC 41st Anniversary

How To Spark An Ordinary Revival


Jonathan Brooks

02/03/03/03/2019-Present The Ones Dr. Wayne Gordon
01/06/2019-01/27/2019 January 2019 Sermons Various
12/2/2018-12/23/2018 ADVENT 2018 Various
10/21/2018-11/25/2018 God Loves Me Various
9/23/2018-10/14/2018 LET'S Be The Church

Dr. Wayne Gordon
1/7/2017-9/16/2017 The Story

Dr. Wayne Gordon


Advent 2017

Dr. Wayne Gordon
03/05/2017-07/16/2017 Built For Joy

12/04/2016 Advent 2016 (LOVE)

Dr. Wayne Gordon
09/25/2016 Being Me

Dr. Wayne Gordon
02/07/2016-05/29/2016 Real Relationships

01/03/2016/01/31/2016 January 2016 Various
9/27/2015-11/29/2015 I Can Change Dr. Wayne Gordon
3/1/2015-06/14/2015 The Last Talk Various
11/30/2014-12/28/2014 Joy To The World

Dr. Wayne Gordon
08/14/2014-11/23/2014 Kingdom Streets Various
03/09/2014 The Last Words Of Christ




We Are Family

Dr. Wayne L. Gordon

10/06/2013-Present Alive & Active

Dr. Wayne L. Gordon
06/16/2013-9/29/2013 Who Is This Jesus?

Dr. Wayne L. Gordon
09/09-2012-10/07/2012 Is There Hope?

Dr. Wayne L. Gordon
09/12/2010 - 09/26/2010 The Church Dr. Wayne L. Gordon
09/27/2009 - 12/31/2011 Understanding the Old Testament Dr. Wayne L. Gordon
02/01/2009 - 02/22/2009

Sex and the Christian

Dr. Wayne L. Gordon
10/05/2008 - 11/02/2008

Living from the Heart

Dr. Wayne L. Gordon
06/15/2008 - 07/20/2008 The Lamenting Series Dr. Wayne L. Gordon
03/09/2008 - 04/20/2008 The Year of Discipleship Dr. Wayne L. Gordon
09/30/2007 - 02/24/2008 The Philippians Series Dr. Wayne L. Gordon
05/13/2007 - 05/20/2007 It's all about the Benjamin's Dr. Wayne L. Gordon
10/22/2006 - 03/18/2007 "Who is my Neighbor?" Dr. Wayne L. Gordon


--- Our 30th Year Anniversary Celebration  Sermons ---

Dates Sermon Title Speaker

03/02/2008                     30th Anniversary Celebration

                                                                                   "Can't You Hear What The Children Are Saying?"

                                   Dr. John M. Perkins

03/23/2008                Resurrection Sunday God Loves Dr. Wayne L. Gordon

04/13/2008 "What's In A Name?" Dr. John Crosby

04/27/2008 The Burning Bush Dr. Marshall Hatch

05/18/2008 For the Glory of God Pastor Steve Spiller

05/25/2008 How To Be Anxious For Nothing Rev. Wilson Daniels


--- Summer Biblical Teachings ---

      Summer 2016     "Preach the Word"

   Summer 2017     "Preach the Word"

Summer 2013   "Preach the Word"

Summer 2010   "Preach the Word"

Summer 2012   "Preach the Word"

Summer 2009   "Preach the Word"

Summer 2011   "Preach the Word"

Summer 2008   "Preach the Word"


--- Additional Biblical Teachings ---

"Preach the Word"





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