In the fall of 1975, Wayne Gordon began teaching and coaching at Farragut High School on Chicago's west side. At that time Wayne moved into an apartment in the Lawndale Community and began a FCA Bible Study.

From this core group of high school students Wayne and Anne Gordon along with a mother of several of the boys the idea of starting a church was first conceived.

With the meeting of fifteen people in March of 1978, Lawndale Community Church moved from a dream to a reality.

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Lawndale Community Church is a nondenominational Christian Church that seeks to provide a place to worship Jesus Christ. We place importance on a personal relationship with God through His Son Jesus Christ and growth in Him through the meeting both the spiritual and physical needs of the community through involvement in people's lives.

Individual purposes of LCC:

To reach the unchurched people of the community.

To proclaim and live out Biblical Christianity.

To raise up new generations of Christian leadership.

To creatively meet the needs of people striving to empower them along the way.



Lawndale Community Church
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